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I am glad something like this made it to the front page and that there are Flash artists who are willing to put their reputations on the line to make something like this.

Humour by its very nature is supposed to offend (ask any comedian). I salute you for making something this offensive, and taking the negative hits from the larger community just so that the few of us that actually understand the underlying joke and intent of this animation can have a bit of a laugh.


When I was half way through watching your trailer the flying words reminded me ALOT of the Terrence and Phillip trailer on South Park. Then the whole fart thing at the end confirmed that your trailer had no originality at all. It pisses me off when I see jokes used directly from South Park or The Simpsons in flash animations.

MonsterMunchClock responds:

Fuck you shitface!

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A good game

Good game, what would make it a great game is if it had a high score system, and the ability to race the ghosts of players with high scrores. Also, i think there is potencial more variety in the level, such as a level with moving or shape tweening segments for added difficulty. Also, do you happen to be a fan of the PS1 game "Gravitation"? It was very similar to this, and the two player mode was fantastic.

I have been trying to create my own game like this for a few years (it never gets finished because I always remake it with more additions). A few months ago I also figured out a pretty good method of making the craft bounce off walls at accurate angles on brush drawn levels. If you ever want to collaborate on another game like this give me an email.

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This game was great. It really shows what can be achieved in Flash games. It was a simple idea with simple graphics, but the interactivity is amazing, and it was fun to play. Hopefully this game has inspired more flash game developers to give their characters actual momentum and physics.

Best game on newgrounds!

Troglodyte kidneys measure your eyes in sardonic spasms not unlike the movements of an albatross buried in creosote.

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